Prosocial Teal Management Consulting

We offer mindfulness-informed consulting for organisations seeking more highly committed staff, more efficient decision making, a united values-driven culture for a high functioning ‘family’ your staff will not want to leave. We can help you directly address stress issues, high staff turnover, too long or frequent meetings, hierarchy or ego issues that stifle staff empowerment, moving your organisation towards the future of business.

As well as drawing from mindfulness for behaviour change methods, our work is informed by Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel prize-winning research for economics in 2008: Elinor discovered eight-core design principles that predict the success of groups to manage a common and limited resource pool, without top-down control. In recent decades, and independently of this research, many organisations have begun to apply Ostrom’s principles out of natural need. This trend to a new form of management was recently studied and codified by Frederick Laloux in his recent book Reinventing Organisations (2014). Both Laloux and Sloan Wilson (a collaborator of Ostrom’s) view this emerging development through an evolutionary lens. New adaptations help the fittest organisations flourish and function at a higher, more productive, level. No longer so motivated by money, fear or safety, staff are motivated by the opportunity to express their talents and fulfil their potential. Company politics are greatly reduced and a fairer and more flexible system emerges. People can live to work in a way that is balanced and purpose driven.


Henry Whitfield is a Teal/Prosocial consultant and psychological therapist with a background in mindfulness for behaviour change. He has worked in Brazil and the UK developing new ways to apply mindfulness and behavioural science principles to improve organisations. He has also trained and supervised many teams in the UK’s NHS to have greater psychological flexibility and to apply mindfulness to almost any kind of psychological challenge (including at Oxford University). Outside of mental health services he has also taught professionals and students how to apply mindfulness to improve the wellbeing of any group.

For over 12 years he has been an active member of the Association of Contextual Behavioural Science where he followed closely the development of the first protocol for organisational change-management using the Prosocial design principles of Elinor Ostrom. This is an application of Nobel Prize-winning research that predicts the success of any human group to self-manage a common resource pool, fostering true cooperation without the need for coercive control mechanisms. He is a member of Kevin Polk’s ‘Mastermind’ group in which we regularly draw on each other’s expertise regarding new challenges in organisational development.

Henry combines his psychological therapy knowledge with Prosocial/Teal paradigms to help organisations become what they are capable of becoming, from acknowledging personal psychological barriers to implementing new meeting practices and conflict resolution methods. Henry also holds degrees from Goldsmith’s and University College London.

 Marianne Moore is a management consultant specialised in strategy and organisational development. She has worked extensively in the UK, and in over 30 countries across the world. She has consulted for governments, charities and multilateral bodies such as UNICEF and the Council of Europe.

Marianne trained in leading public-sector consulting firms Capita and Tribal where she worked on large organisational development and change management programmes. She has also worked with smaller organisations to build their capacity and identify their purpose. Marianne founded and runs her own boutique consultancy firm Justice Studio, itself modelled on evolutionary teal principles, and driven to assist organisations to be the very best they can be. Marianne uses a psychological management approach, encouraging organisations to understand, and capitalise on, the emotional dimensions of managing staff and change. From this perspective, organisational development is an extension of the personal development of those within it.

Driven by a desire to promote social equality in the world, and ethics in business, Marianne is passionate about assisting companies to embrace the most evolved business model to date: prosocial/teal. Marianne holds a postgraduate degree in International Non-Government Organisation Management from Cass Business School which focused on improving the management, governance, and capacity of organisations with a social purpose. Marianne also holds degrees from Middlesex and Oxford Universities.